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Jan 3, 2023Liked by CL Huth

Happy New Year, Connie!

To my grateful surprise I feel more hopeful this January than I usually do. I think the last time I felt this hopeful was when my Elderspawn was in utero at New Year's. This has been a really hard year. Even though it seemed there were downs that were quickly responded to with an up ( like when March 2021 my friend told me her cancer was back and then thirty seconds later my phone pinged to tell me I was being published for the first time. These combinations continued to happen during the time in which she was declining and continue after her death)

This year perhaps the up feels more like a high because I met a talented massage therapist who has helped relieve my pain. And some of my pain has been lessened. And I think more will be as well. I am grateful for the love and support I have gotten along the way.

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