Only one in the household working - check (no shade, it is what it is)

Caring for someone with chronic illnessess - check (see above, no shade)

Neurodivergent - check

Working through trauma - check

My stationary bike ride is a daily non-negotiable thing I do for myself for at least 30 minutes. It is the easiest on my aging, arthritic body. I give myself time to wake up each day. I try very hard to minimize the "shoulds" that creep in. Eat the cupcake. Sometimes that means having a few jellybeans. I take care to eat healthy most of the time, but moderation is key and I rarely deny myself.

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Agreed. Moderation is key. I'm learning from my kids, too, because I didn't burden them with my food issues. Hell, NerdKid just told me the other day that he doesn't understand kids who binge on sweets. I reminded him that he doesn't do that, bc we've made dessert part of our normal life and it's always available.

I'm glad you have a you-thing. I have two hours every morning, before I wake NerdKid up for school, to do whatever I want/need. It's turned into more art.

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